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Alice Curtis - Melbourne Executive 
Netania Lim - Melbourne Executive 

Netania is passionate about youth empowerment and education, and making a difference. She was elected the 2017-18 President of the Rotaract Club of Monash, and the 2018-19 Communications Director of Rotaract Australia, working with like-minded youth to serve her community, both locally and internationally. She also volunteers at the South East Community Links Homework Program and is a Global Youth Ambassador with the GVN Foundation, volunteering in Vietnam. She was recognised as a 2015 VCE Leadership Award winner and as a 2017 Victorian Young Achievers Award nominee. She has many interests, but especially reading and photography. Netania is proud and delighted to be involved with KindNecessities’ efforts to promote social justice.

Tiana Mahncke - Director of Logistics

Tiana started her professional life in the health and wellness industry as an exercise instructor at a not-for-profit supporting Holocaust survivors. After a brief foray into Pilates, she could no longer ignore her inner nerd's need for intellectual gymnastics, and so enrolled in a double Bachelor of Science and Global Arts. Inspired by the extraordinary stories of her former clients, she chose a major in genocide studies. A second major in climate science allows her to to combine her passions and pursue a new career studying the intersection between environmental degradation, social disadvantage, and human health. Tiana has joined KindNecessities because she is passionate about ethical business and innovative solutions to global challenges. She strongly believes in the positive environmental, social, and health impacts of KindNecessities, and is excited to be involved in growing the Melbourne branch.

Lucy Dawkins - Director of Finance

Lucy has always found joy in giving back to the community. She received various school awards for her contributions to community service within Tasmania. While working and studying after graduating, she became increasingly frustrated at the lack of global social justice, and decided to pursue a cause that followed this passion. Lucy is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, and knew she could use her strengths to make a change in the world. Inspired by her two gynaecologist/obstetrician parents, who educated her on the impact of unhygienic menstruation practices, she joined the KindNecessities team as the Director of Finance, excited to help make a difference to suffering women across the globe. She is proud to be a part of the like-minded group of passionate young women at Kind Necessities Melbourne, and their efforts to help women and refugees across Australia and the world.

Cara Rixon - Director of Marketing & Media

Cara believes that raising awareness and taking action is vital to achieving equity and equality, and this was why she was drawn to KindNecessities and their mission to empower and help women and young people. Through her position as Director of Marketing & Media, Cara aspires to engage with the community to raise awareness of the obstacles effecting access to feminine hygiene products. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT University, Cara hopes that her background in photography and media will enable her to effectively support KindNecessities’ goals of providing those in need with sanitary products, as well as normalising the conversation of menstruation and reducing the associated stigma.

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PR Team

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