Educational Workshops & School Visits

We recognise the importance of education here at KindNecessities, and that schools are a fundamental aspect of challenging the taboo surrounding female hygiene. If you, your school or institution are interested in having us come to you, please contact us

Female Hygiene Packs

Our Team here at KindNecessities are aiming to make our impact global - and to those who need it most. We source our Female Hygiene Packs from DaysforGirls, and redistribute them to refugee women, including reusable pads. Your kind donation will go towards supporting the production and redistribution of these Packs and towards our upcoming events and services. 

Empowering Young People

The empowerment of young people is a key goal for us here at KindNecessities, and we hope to do this through our events, educational services and school visits. Young women, particularly those from low socio-economic areas, often lack drive, ambition and the confidence to follow their dreams. We hope to ignite a spark in what they lack, hone in on their talents and ensure their confidence and to be our priority.